Brazil is the largest of the Latin American countries. Covering nearly half (47.3 percent) of the continent of South America, it occupies an area of 3,286,470 sq. miles. It is the fifth largest country in the world after the Russian Federation, Canada, China, and the United States. Because of its size, Brazil offers its visitors numerous options of activities and adventures. Explore the Amazon rainforest. See the pink dolphins where the Rivers Negro and Amazon. Meet the leaf-cutter ants and monkeys of the forest floor. Experience the surging waters of Iguacau Falls, the majesty of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio, and much more.brazil

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There are many unique experiences that Brazil can lure you with when you have extra time. The city of Salvador is definitely one of them. Salvador, the first capital of Brazil and now the capital of the State of Bahia, is located just 60 minutes away from Breezes Costa do Saupe. Because of its closeness, several trips can be taken during your stay to visit this historical place with its tropical landscapes, striking beaches and Brazilian flair.