Jamaica, the island for everyone, offers the visitor everything from white sandy beaches to exciting mountains covered with rainforest. Of course, one can’t miss the beat of Reggae. So come and discover the Island of Jamaica while staying at one of SuperClubs excellent resorts!

The Bahamas, the place of beautiful beaches, fun activities, great entertainment, and fine dining invites you to come and enjoy its colorful traditions such as Junkanoo, a fun and lively annual carnival. Stay at Breezes Bahamas and experience the time of your life!

With Spanish architecture, friendly people and a beautiful landscape, the Dominican Republic is an island that attracts visitors’ from everywhere. With its many choices of activities, the Dominican Republic is a place for the entire family. SuperClubs invites you to come and participate in all the fun!

Curacao, a sunny haven blessed with gentle trade winds, cool waters, and pristine diving, has an interesting terrain of arid countryside and coast outlined with rocky coves, craggy cliffs, inlets and bays. Here is the perfect place to recharge your spirit and enjoy a laid back picturesque vacation!

Brazil, the largest Latin American country and the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world; located in the central and northeastern part of South America, is a destination everyone has to visit. Whether you are here for the Carnival or to see the Amazons, Brazil has what it takes to attract visitors from all over the world. While exploring this beautiful country, SuperClubs invites you to stay with them in Costa do Sauipe!